The White Room

a performative installation for Club Transmediale's "Unpredictable Encounters" project at General Public Gallery in Berlin, 2008. A collaboration with Wojciech Kosma.

"the white room" is the result of a colaboration between Wojciech Kosma and me. We were invited to participate in the project "unpredictable encounters", an exhibition during "club transmediale" 2008, where german and polish artist met to do something together.

We developed a performative installation, with a large over-dimensionized stage and a lot of equipment we got from an event company. We placed placed 4 speakers in different positions and started to make the place vibrate to different frecuency combinations. After I established some interesting combinations, I arranged it so it would morph very slowly between these stages. An intangible sound architecture emerged from this process. Wojciech took care of the visuals, a pixel moving very slowly from one end to the other of the screen, etc. I was performing one hour every day and we had a lot of fun...