a sound bot that generates rapid sequences out of the loudest sounds in its surroundings.

N.B.S (noise broadcast system) [2008] is a sound bot, which generates sonic reports out of the most "relevant" events in its surroundings. For N.B.S "most relevant" means the loudest - those sounds that abruptly surpass the environment's normal level.

Small sound chunks, sometimes only a few milliseconds long, are stitched together forming rapid sequences of strident events - sonic disasters rendered out of everyday situations. N.B.S also uses microphones capable of capturing stereo signals, and thus a spatial impression of each sound chunk recorded. Therefore, the rapid sequences of sound chunks become sound sculptures.

The installation generates periodic reports every 15 minutes. For the "Autom√°tico Versatil" exhibition in Lima, N.B.S took the form of a totem with speakers and a countdown clock. It generated reports out of the sonic events in the nearby avenue.