Ciudad Nasca [Nasca City]

an electronic land art project, inspired by the Nasca Lines

“Nazca City” (2010) is a land art project, the drawing of a true scale map of an imaginary city onto the surface of the peruvian desert. To do this we built a robot which moves autonomously, plowing the ground to unconver its underlying color. Because of its scale, the map can only be appreciated as a whole from certain a height.

The project is inspired by the gigantic figures drawn onto the desert by the ancient Nasca culture (200 BC - 600 AD), which can still be seen today. It invites to reflect upon the explosive urbanisation of the deserts of the peruvian coast, taking place since the middle of the last century, and its consecuences on environmental sustainability and the quality of living.

This project won the late 2008 "Vida 11" Award for production incentives, by the Telefonica Foundation. It was also made possible with the gracious support from the Prince Claus Foundation and the Wiese Foundation (Perú).