the distance

"the distance" [2004], an interactive sound installation, generates delay effects to the transmission time of data in the internet.

"the distance" [2004] is an interative sound installation, which generates echo/delay effects driven by the transmision time of data packets through internet. The installation consists of a listening station, including a microphone and a computer interface, where visitors can type in URLs they want the data packets to be sent.

For every address given, a virtual sonic room is created (for example from here until, into which the sound of the exhibition site, captured by a microphone, is channeled. The visitors can hear the result of the process through headphones, after the sound is delayed and shifted by the transmision time in the internet.

"the distance" reflects the way geographical distance collapses through the use of communication technologies. It makes it possible to interact with the physical structure of the net, using it as a resonant body.

Furthermore, the constant acceleration and deacceleration of the data transmision time causes the virtual sonic rooms to expand and shrink, which generates Doppler-effects. The incoming sound is not only delayed, but pitch-shifted, giving the impression of being constantly accelerated and deaccelerated. It is possible to open several virtual rooms at once, which get overlayed and all interact in realtime with the site of the installation. This way, “the distance” turns into a complex musical interface.