Diferido [delayed]

a sonic intervention during the 2008 party of the Museum of Art of Lima (MALI)

"Diferido" (delayed) was a sonic intervention during the party of the Museum of Art of Lima (MALI). The sound of the party, captured by a microphone placed at the dance floor, was reproduced with a delay in another room.

The delay was about 5 seconds. Enough to make it possible to hear again the last part of the song that came from the party speakers after crossing the sonic chaos between the rooms. The strong volume of both the party speakers and those from the installation, generated an effect which was called "sectorization" by the party's sound technician. This means that while completely inside one of the rooms, one could only hear the sound comming from that room's speakers. In between there was a confusing sonic chaos which served as a courtain. 

The installation made it possbile to "go back in time" to "reflect" or revive the past and then go "back to the future".