About Me

yo_sp2_big.JPG Rodrigo Derteano is a Peruvian artist with a background in sound, programming and electronic experiments. He studied audiovisual media at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Catholic University – Peru) and new media at the School of Art and Design in Zürich (ZHDK). His work comprises installations and performances, in which sound often plays a significant role.

His works have been shown in festivals and exhibitions in Lima, Peru (Cubo Blanco –"flexi-time", 2004), in Basle, Switzerland (“Viper” Festival 2004), in Ljubljana (“Haip Festival for Open Technologies” 2006) and Maribor ("MFRU" 2007, 13th International Computer Art Festival), both in Slovenia, in Dortmund ("Hartware Medienkust Verein") and Berlin, Germany ("Club Transmediale", 2008), at the “Laboral” Centre for Art and Industrial Design in Gijon (Spain), and - as part of the same travelling exhibition - in various Latin American cities (Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota). In addition, he was awarded a residency at the “Tesla” electronic arts centre in Berlin during the first quarter of 2007, where he also exhibited his projects. In late 2008 he won the Vida production incentives price by the Telefónica Foundation for his "Ciudad Nasca" project.

Apart from his artistic work, he works as freelance programmer/designer and is founding partner of La Factura , a peruvian startup specialized in open government and civic engagement campaigns and technologies.